rest in peas

In late April we went on vacation.  When we returned the pots in the cellar garden experiment were bone dry despite being flooded when we left.  Although the tomato plants were ok, the peas were dead.  I pulled them all out on May 12th.  This means the tomatoes will have more light now.  The experiment is nearing the end anyway.  Given the production level, I think I have gone far enough.

We had a friend taking care of the chickens, but I didn’t care enough about these plants, especially this late in the experiment, to impose on her to also take on watching over the cellar garden.

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2 Responses to rest in peas

  1. alejna says:

    Ha! My first thought in reading this was “I could have watered the plants!” But then my second thought was “good thing I wasn’t held responsible for watering the plants.” I have a long history of leaving plants to die. The only plants that have successfully lived in our house for longer than a few weeks have been sprouted root vegetables. (You should have seen the spectacular sweet potato we had once.)

  2. Carl says:

    Huh, I didn’t realize you read this site. Too funny. Well, it doesn’t matter. The peas were pretty much done anyway and now the tomatoes are growing faster since they are getting more light.

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