day 54: growth report

It’s been fifty-three days since I planted the seeds for the cellar garden experiment. Some of the peas are now five and a half feet tall.  It looks to me like the peas in the end pots closest to the lights are doing much better than the peas in the middle.  The peas close to the lights are taller, have larger leaves, and have thicker stems. However, there are some in the middle that are doing well.  All of them are still growing. Ten inch tomato plantIn the crowded pots, some of the vines are smaller than their siblings in the same pot.

The tomatoes are a little different.  They don’t seem to care how far they are from the light.  On the other hand, they do seem to care how many plants are sharing their pot.  The tomatoes sharing a pot with just one other plant are larger than the ones sharing their pot with several other plants.

There are no conclusions to be drawn yet, but I’m guessing the peas in the middle won’t produce much if any.  I’m also guessing the tomatoes in the crowded pots won’t produce much if any.

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