day 127: growth report

Peas plants in pot 8

Tiny tomato flower buds

Tiny flower buds on the pot 7 tomato plant.

The peas in pot 8 are still doing well. They are quite bushy and produce four or five peas every few days.  They do well for the first four feet.  Once they get above the top of the light, they turn yellow and weak and head back down into the light. Then once back in the light they do well. The peas in the other pots aren’t doing so well.  Several have died and most aren’t producing anything worth mentioning.

The measured tomato in pot 1 is now about 33 inches tall.  It has two clusters of flower buds. Still no flowers.  The tomato in pot 7 now had a few tiny flower buds as well.  The tomatoes in the other pots aren’t as tall, and some are small and thin, but none have died.

Tomato plant in pot 1

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