up goer five

Recently the web comic xkcd described the Saturn V rocket using only the 1,000 most common words in the English language.  At the time I laughed, shared the link with a friend, and moved on.

Today I came across a New Scientist article talking about how we communicate science topics and how this comic inspired the Up-Goer Five text editor, science explanations, movie descriptions, classic work rewrites (such as the Hamlet link at the start of this page), and so forth and so on.  Can you guess what the item titled “Mouth” on the Hall of Fame page is about?

If you have a little time browse though some of those links and have a good chuckle.  Then think about how you choose to explain anything to anyone.  Perhaps using simple language, without going to the 1,000 word extreme, will help get your point across a little easier.

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