weeping angels

My daughter and I have been watching Doctor Who lately. There are a few episodes that involve one of the best types of monster I’ve ever seen. They are called the “Weeping Angels”. As a defense mechanism (and a curse) they are “quantum locked” and turn to stone any time anything living looks at them. When in stone mode they look like statues, like the stone statues of angels you’ve seen before.

And you can’t kill a stone.
‘Course stone can’t kill you either.
But then you turn your head away.
Then you blink.
And oh yes it can.

I think they are great because you can have a suspense scene where the monster is visible to the victim and within arm’s reach with no obstacles in its way for a long time before actually reaching them. Every time they look away just for a second or the lights flicker or they blink the monster gets closer. And yet you never, ever see them move. Awesome.

You’re life could depend on this.
Don’t blink.
Don’t even blink.
Blink and you’re dead.
They are fast, faster than you could believe.
Don’t turn your back.
Don’t look away.
And don’t blink.
Good luck.

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