who and why?

I’m just a guy with many interests.  Something comes along, strikes my fancy, and I’m enthralled.  I become obsessed until I work my way through it, understand it, and eventually become bored.  In time I move onto my next whim.

As I work my way through a hobby I like to keep track of what I’ve done and what I’ve learned.  I figured an easy way to do that would be a blog.  Who knows, maybe one of my posts would even provide some useful information or light entertainment to someone interested in one of these hobbies someday.

I used to create websites as whims struck me, but I kept abandoning them or shutting them down as I moved onto the next hobby.  This time around I decided to create a place that isn’t specific to one topic where I could post anything that struck my fancy.  I can divide up the hobbies by creating a new category for each.

I fully expect there will be lulls between hobbies.  You can expect a flurry of activity as I find a new hobby and suddenly it’ll drop to zero as I get bored.  That’s just the way I am.

Welcome to my journal.

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