a watched pot…

…may not boil, but a watched pea certainly grows.  When I first planted the plants I kept them on a wire shelving unit in front of a window.  One day I sat on the couch to watch a three hour football game near that window and just as I sat down I noticed that the tops of the pea plants were close to the shelf above them.  I swear as I was watching that game I’d look over from time to time and see them getting closer and closer to that shelf.

This photo shows the same pea plant on two consecutive mornings, 24 hours apart.  The yardstick in this photo is a little misleading since the first four inches are buried in the soil to hold it in place.  This plant is currently 15 inches tall, not 19.  (I know the photo is pretty bad, I had to manipulate it a lot to get the plant to stand out from the reflector behind it.  Ah well. I guess you can’t expect much from an iPhone camera in a dark basement aimed at a side lit subject in front of a bright reflector held in the shaky hand of a non-photographer without a tripod.)

One pea plant photographed twice 24 hours apart

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