I don’t want nutrition to be the issue in the cellar garden experiment, so I’ll be adding fertilizer from time to time.  Since I don’t know anything about fertilizer, I asked the woman down at the local greenhouse to recommend one and she suggested Tomato-tone by Espoma.

The instructions say you should place a 1 cup line down each side of a five foot row of plants or in pots use 3 tablespoons for each plant.  It also says it should be kept at least three inches away from the plant stems.  I’m a little nervous about burning the plant stems and roots, especially in the densely packed pots.  So, even though 3 tablespoons per plant rule would work out to one and an eighth cups, I limited myself to one eighth cup per pot today.  Also, although I did add some water to start it mixing into the soil, I did not add a lot so most of the fertilizer is still on the surface of the soil.Pile of fertilizer in the middle of a densely packed pot

In the densely packed pots I put the fertilizer in a little pile in the middle as far from the plants as possible.  Naturally that wasn’t very far.  In the other pots, I made a line down the middle and the watered just the middle of that line.

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